About Ruby

Although my clients tell me that I am, I don’t profess to be ‘psychic’; my belief is in the cards and that I am just the messenger.  I’m afraid you wont see me dressed as Gypsy Rose Lee! and I don’t believe in giving people ideas to worry about but I can assure you I’m friendly, approachable, welcoming and uplifting.

I am generally readily available for personal or email readings and whilst I am not a medium, I can put you in touch with someone if that’s the type of reading you require.

My Background

Since the age of 9, when I cut a set of Tarot cards out of ‘Jackie’ Magazine and stuck them all onto cardboard, I have been fascinated by the magical appeal of Tarot.

At the age of 26, I was lucky enough to be invited to learn all about Tarot and how to read the cards with a magnificent group of weirdos (!), giving me the confidence to forge my own way forward in my art.

For over 30 years I read for friends and fund raising events and as I grew in confidence, I decided to start trading at home and at ‘Tarot’ parties.

In 2011, I approached Butlins at Bognor Regis and they offered me an area in their Wine Bar to provide readings to Butlins customers, on a commission basis, on Adult Only weekends. I continued this for 2 years whilst also working full time as a Project Coordinator and doing the home Tarot Readings and parties.

I now offer personal,email and telephone readings along with items for sale which encourage positive thinking and promote good self-esteem.

My professional career as a Project Coordinator within the construction industry has given me a good background in timely programming, good customer service and experience of dealing with people from all walks of life.